VoH_websponsorOur sister organization, Otino Waa Children’s Village in Lira, Uganda is home to almost 300 local orphans and dozens of widowed house mothers. Visit their sponsor page to get to know some of the children.

The best way to change the life of an orphan is to bring them into a loving family structure. As a sponsor, you become a crucial part of the story, improving the quality of life for Northern Ugandan orphans, and giving them hope. Your sponsorship gifts help a child with access to all of the essential needs to grow, develop and thrive.

Did you know inmates can be sponsors too?  About six years ago a new program was started which allows our inmate partners to sponsor for $5/month.  It is unique in all the world.

BUT THERE IS MORE!  Visions of Hope also seeks out individuals (You?) or businesses who are eager to match those inmate sponsorships.  Our promise to each inmate sponsor is their funds will be matched.  Our faith and confidence is in God and your generosity.


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