Prayer is the fuel that powers Visions of Hope, and it is one way everyone can be involved in our mission.

We need prayers for strength and wisdom. We need prayers for provision and protection. Please pray for the Ugandan people and for inmates who are longing for redemption — for salvation and restoration with God. Pray for the little children —that they would know God’s love and experience it. Never underestimate what your prayers will do!

Current prayer requests:

  1. Continued vision from God to grow in our fourth year as an independent non-profit organization.
  2. Direction as we engage new prison facilities in Oregon.
  3. Inmates protected and blessed in their walk with God in a prison culture.
  4. Ugandan grandmothers struggling to care for their orphaned grandchildren.
  5. DRCI (prison) as they organize into a productive art group and Otino Waa sponsors.

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