1. How long has VOH been in existence? VOH started as a project within PATH Ministries in 2009 in response to the inmates at one location wanting to do more than child sponsorship. They organized into an art committee, got permission to send art out of the facility and began to produce art. In 2014 VOH expanded to become its own, independent, (501c3) non-profit. (EIN -47-1029584)
  2. How many prisons are you connected with? Currently, we have expanded to five facilities in Oregon. We revisit each about four times per year. We interact with 600+ inmates, both men and women, on a regular basis. Only God knows where we might go after we saturate Oregon, but He has been known to open doors far and wide!
  3. What percentage of my art purchases go directly to Otino Waa? We have dedicated our process to pass on 100% of profits from art sales to support Otino Waa on a monthly basis. (see Store)  Visions of Hope has no paid staff so we can maximize our efforts.
  4. How much has been raised so far? The current total exceeds $47,000 in art alone.  That does not include inmate sponsorship of the Otino Waa children.
  5. What does “matching” do? We establish private or business partners to match the $5 inmate sponsorships. This is a tremendous encouragement to them! The donors are then connected to both the inmates AND the orphans in a way unique in the whole world. Interested? (See Donation Page)
  6. How are my art supply funds used? As you can imagine, inmates are very limited in purchasing art supplies. We require an art group to be formed and meet on a regular basis. They then provide a list of items needed, we order and have it delivered directly to the prison, using their own invoice system. This usually happens one to three times per year. (See Donation Page)
  7. Can I visit a prison with you? Yes! You are welcome to join any of our presentations. A short background check form is required. Some visits are day trips, while others require an overnight stay. Please contact us if you are interested. The presentations include, spiritual encouragement, updates on VOH and Otino Waa stories.
  8. Can I sponsor an Otino Waa child too? Yes! You can bless the life of a child in the same way an inmate can. While VOH promotes sponsorship and provides information, we do not administer them. That is done by the PATH/Otino Waa office in Bend OR. While we assist with communication, we do not coordinate the day to day operation of sponsorship.
  9. Is VOH affiliated with a church? While our history is full of important faith elements and stories, we are not connected with any church or religious organization.
  10. What can I do to join Visions of Hope?  Please visit the YOUR PART pages.

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