118There are so many ways you can take part in building a place of hope and healing.

1. Sign up: So we can be sure to keep you informed of opportunities to effect lives of both inmates and orphans.

2. Donate:  Your donation will encourage inmates, support orphans and prove your passion. Your matched giving with inmate sponsorship creates a partnership determined to change the world! Our donation page will offer suggestions to match your interest!

3. Purchase Art:  With this action you have changed three (or more) lives. An inmate artist, an orphan and YOURS. Then what about all those who will see your art and ask about it!  All proceeds from your purchase goes to enhance the lives at Otino Waa Children’s Village.

4. Share!

5. Prayer!

6. Let’s meet: If you are in the Bend area, come to our next Art Walk event or help us create an event or a gallery space using the inmate artwork.

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