The kids: Having a relationship with kids of Otino Waa Children’s Village
for over 12 years, the dedicated inmates participate in our programs of sponsorship and art groups. The result has reached amazing levels. There are 300 children at Otino Waa. Over 1/3 of them have one or more inmate sponsors! The combined efforts of inmate sponsors and artists has now totaled over $140,000 to support lives in Uganda!!

The prisoner: With little encouragement within the prison culture, where do inmates find such? Visions of Hope is dedicated to returning multiple times each year, to multiple prisons to bring hope and spiritual encouragement to hundreds of state prison inmates. Proof of the outcome is found in the personal stories from the men and women.
Sponsorship is customized for the prison culture. A $5/mo. donation is a sacrifice, but adds ownership to the relationship. You can easily add to the connection by matching the sponsorship!

YOU: If it could be proven (beyond doubt) you made a difference in young lives in Africa AND in forgotten lives in your own community, would that seem purposeful in your own life?

Our promise – 100% of the sponsorship funds go directly to the Otino Waa children. Various forms of art are created in organized prison groups. Our promise -100% of original art sales go directly to Otino Waa.

A. Read everything on this website.
B. Go with us to a prison!
C. Purchase art!
D. Be the silent partner with your matching sponsorship funds!

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