Inmate art enhanced into 35 pages for you to complete!


Created with purpose. See description below.

 Size: 8.5×5.5 (book)


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Ever wanted to be a better artist?  Now is your time.

The DRAWN TOGETHER coloring book is for you to explore your own artistic talents and blend with our inmate artists who created what you see on these pages.

Their personal comments may change how you feel about prison.

“I believe that I’m not what I was, but who I am now.  Tomorrow is gone.  Today is what matters and I will make the best of it. We have been given a great opportunity to be able to create art and work with Visions of Hope. Let’s keep each other motivated and continue to utilize what God has given us.“   Y.T.

“I’m so happy I can be a part of making a difference in someone’s live in a positive way.”  C.M.

“My time with art has allowed me to show others who I really am. I don’t have to be defined by my past.”   J.L.

Proceeds from this go towards art supplies for our inmate artists.







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