OtinoWaa-PathOur most important partner is Otino Waa Children’s Village, Uganda, Africa. Even though we are directly involved with inmates in various prisons, the final purpose is funding for our kids at the orphanage.  Our inmate partners are just as dedicated to the same purpose.

Inmate sponsorship of the Otino Waa children is processed by the PATH/Otino Waa office in Bend OR.  While Visions of Hope promotes the activity, assists with communication and provides information to the inmates, we do not coordinate the day to day operation of sponsorship.


lost and found documentary,Kony,Lost Boys,child soldiers,inmate artworkOur first tool for entering a prison facility is the documentary Lost & Found produced by Sandy Cummings. The story never fails to open doors as it sets the foundations for what Visions of Hope is all about.



eastlake_logoAssistance with processing the raw inmate art is vital.  We are blessed to include Eastlake Framing as a local partner.  Much of what they do for us is donated time.


We continually rely on the dedication and interest of the prison chaplains to get us in the front door.  Our activities would not be possible without their endorsement.  Thank you to Chaplains; Brabb, Armstrong, Toth, Hodney, Ball and Brault.  You are loved and appreciated!


A huge thank you to all of our donors. Visions of Hope became a reality through the dedication and passion for the project by key, original donors.  Your generosity creates foundations!

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