Board of Directors

Visions of Hope has an all-volunteer board dedicated to sharing the VOH story in a professional and heartfelt manner. Our goal is to provide the utmost in service and care, not only for the artwork we receive, but for all partners, volunteers, inmates, orphans and local communities who inspire us and make it possible.

Aaron Fry – President

Dale Russell – Vice President
The Lord started a unique journey with Dale and his wife, Sandy, in 2003 – an unforgettable year that brought 79 ragged Ugandan orphans into their lives. They didn’t want to go to Africa, but the Lord knew better, and impacted their lives forever. That led to volunteering for ministry, which led to a part-time position, which led to their current full-time work with Visions of Hope.

“During this timeframe we met inmates who wanted to support the Otino Waa kids. From there the story grew beyond our wildest imagination and Visions of Hope was formed. Over 80 prison visits and five trips to Otino Waa has given us the opportunity to bring both sides of the world together in a very uncommon way.

When I’m not in the home office working for Visions of Hope, I love to camp, travel, see our grandkids in Hawaii, geocache and continue listening for direction from the Lord.”

Kim Payne Hatfield – Secretary
Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with an Early Learning Endorsement.  She has Masters Level Studies in Collaborative Leadership, Observation, Assessment and Early Learning.  She has a 30-year career working with low income vulnerable families through childcare and non-profit program management.  She has also founded and facilitated multiple collaborative groups for the betterment of children and families. Her current work in Bend, Oregon focuses on preventative programs for families on the brink of crisis.  

Sandy Russell – Treasurer
Sandy has lived and worked in Central Oregon for 25 years, and is recently retired from the Financial Services department at the local medical center. The Lord has blessed her through this time with the opportunity to serve both in Africa at Otino Waa Children’s Village and in Oregon prisons. She is a proud mother of two and grandmother to four wonderful grandchildren.

“Working with the inmates has been a rewarding process, and the art that we have seen come from the men and women is incredible. The blessing that comes from this unique partnership between inmates and orphans is a beautiful tapestry that only God could have created. It is my privilege to be a part of this ministry. Along with my position as Treasurer, I also go and present with Dale at the prisons that we are serving in. I have been to Otino Waa five times, and any chance that I get to go to Africa is treasured.”

Jim Koehler

Scott Brown

June Brown

Billye Turner