by Genn King

Over the past few weeks God has been talking to me a lot about identity and relationships. Through these conversations, He often reminds me of the Adults in Custody, the orphans in Uganda, and the house moms at Otino Waa; all of these individuals have been told that they are not worthy of love. Cast aside by family and friends, or locked behind bars to be out of sight and out of mind.

Through Otino Waa and Visions of Hope and the countless donors, sponsors, and prayer warriors, all of these people are being loved unconditionally and healing from these hurts. For nearly a year now, God has been asking me to think about how these individuals feel, and what lies they believe about themselves; then, He asks me to see them through His eyes.

Genn & moms

This past spring I had the opportunity to spend two weeks at Otino Waa with a small group of Visions of Hope volunteers. I was given the task of leading the house moms through a three day Bible study, on any topic of my choice. God, kept telling me about how these women felt discarded, hurt, unworthy, and alone because of how their family had treated them due to cultural norms. He reminded me that these women had the opportunity to shape how the children grew up and how they viewed themselves when they became adults. He asked, “what lies do you think these women are believing about themselves?” and “how do you think their creator thinks about them?”  Months later, sitting in a prison chapel, the same questions came to mind about the Adults in Custody.

God, who do you say I am?

In both environments, God gave me the opportunity to point someone in the right direction. With the house moms, it was three days of sharing my testimony and studying the Word of God to find the truth about common misconceptions we all have about ourselves.

TRCI inmate

With the AIC’s it was an opportunity to pray with a young man as he searched for hope in, what he thought of as, a hopeless situation. Both interactions came down to one point, one pivotal question that God wants us to ask, ‘God, who do you say I am?” This question has produced tears of healing and joy in people on both sides of this globe, and shifted my own heart toward these individuals and myself.

This is God’s heart toward each of His children, especially YOU:

“My precious child, I know you are scared of the unknown; but, I have been with you through your darkest moments. Even then I was not ashamed of you, I was not angry with you, and you could never disappoint me.

You have built a wall around your heart so you can feel safe. I am standing at the gate of your walled off heart, I am knocking and I know you hear my voice. The key to this gate is surrender.

Hold up your hurts and I will heal them. Hold up  your fears and I will kiss them away. Hold up your desires and I will surpass them in more ways than you can even imagine. Take your fingers from your ears child, I am speaking love to you.

My precious child, you are made for so much more than this! You are meant to walk through fields of ripened wheat. You are meant to play among the flowers that I have planted for you. You are meant to fly with me across the universe, to play among the stars.

You are meant to sit in my lap and sleep to the sound of my heartbeat. Why are you tossing to and fro? The ocean of my love is calm and steady. You fear that you will drown, but I am telling you that you are built to breathe my love the way a fish is built to breathe water.

I made you so I would have someone just like you to spend MY life with, and my life is a lot longer than you realize. I have waited an eternity for you to be born. You are not a consolation prize! You are EXACTLY who I made you to be, and I’m trying to show you who that is. I promise you will love that person I made, just as much as I do! I have waited an eternity for you!”


I encourage you to take a few moments to ask God how He sees you and sit quietly to receive the answer. Then, start asking God how He sees each person around you.


Consider this; there are some first steps you can take to see those mentioned above.



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