by Lori Roberts



1 Cor 13


Twice a month I volunteer at Deer Ridge Correctional Institute in Madras through VOH’s art program. When I’m with the art group, perhaps I demonstrate and experience this type of love, God’s love, more than in many other places.  I want to tell each of them, with all their different quirks and personalities, how amazing they are and how much God loves them!

art grp 1art grp 2

When we enter the chapel each time there is a clean start.  We keep no records of wrong.  There may be a blank canvas on which to start something fresh or to continue with something already started, in each case the freedom to start down a chosen path.  There is patience and kindness as we interact with each other.

There is no dishonoring of each other’s work.

We speak the truth, we protect their feelings and we encourage them to persevere.

art grp 3

I am reminded of how loving our heavenly Father is with each one of us as I think of each adult in custody.  How much each of us has been forgiven.  How He seeks us with an everlasting love.  How He calls us by name, knows all our quirks, scars, pain and insecurities yet He loves and delights in us.

I delight in the art group! 

Is this God’s love I am experiencing?  How much more is there?!  When we have to say goodbye, it might be for the day or it might be forever, we don’t know, but we hope they choose a good path, a path that always leads to God.

Because God is love and love never fails.

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