Matching Program– Your donation (any amount) goes towards matching the $5 inmate’s child sponsorship.  You become their silent partner and a supporter of the Otino Waa kids!

100% goes to support the children and 115 inmates appreciate YOU beyond words.

Art Supplies– Since 100% of YOUR art purchases goes to Otino Waa, how do we provide art supplies to our prison art groups?  Only your generosity makes it possible.

Visions of Hope spends $3000 a year for art supplies, your donation helps to provide quality supplies for the inmates.

General Donations – Our promise is that 100% of original art sales and 100% of sponsor funds go directly to Otino Waa.  How do we meet the many monthly needs of the organization?

All volunteer staff.   Home office.   Strict budget.   YOU.

VOH Financial Overview

Admin – 9%          Programs – 40%        Funding to Otino Waa – 51%

There’s no excitement in day to day operations or putting fuel in the vehicle, but the fact is, we depend on YOU to keep us going.  Investments come in many shapes.  Would this one be worthy of your consideration?

Recurring DonationOne-Time Donation

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