Your Support Makes it All Happen

Recently, Visions of Hope helped host Rev. Dickens Anyati, Moses Otem and Patrick Okello from Otino Waa! Rev. Dickens prison visit and video interviews from them all, to encourage the inmate sponsors and artists. The kind words from each of these men will touch the lives of hundreds of inmates for months to come! Without your help this wouldn’t have been possible!

Dickens Anyati – Otino Waa Administrator who was instrumental in gathering the first 78 kids that formed Otino Waa in 2003. Dickens presented with Dale at our gallery opening “You think you know me, but let me show you who I really am,” April 6th at Four Rivers Center and Cultural Museum. Also, Dickens visited the men at Snake River Correctional Institute this week.


Moses Otem – Otino Waa Assistant Administrator, who was on the Uganda National Basketball Team, is a case worker and teaches sports at OTW.




Patrick Okello (19 yrs old) graduated from Otino Waa in 2016, participated in the Global Robotics Championship in Washington, DC 2017, and just finished A Level (Jr. college).




Deer Ridge Correctional is our newest prison to engage with. You played an important part of bringing this opportunity into realization! After only one general presentation at the facility, 15 artists asked to be included in an art group. Within weeks the group was organized and equipped with art supplies. They have only met three times, but are excited to know their efforts support the Otino Waa kids! Three of the artists are skilled in wood burning, so we included two burning kits in the initial art supply order. Thanks for helping us with all the basic supplies to get started. These guys are so excited!


The community of Ontario, Oregon and Snake River Correctional Institution are only six miles apart. One community cannot move beyond walls. The other sees the prison through the influence of TV programs depicting extreme violence and forced isolation.

Your support enabled Visions of Hope to partner with Four Rivers Cultural Center to present inmates in a different light. Using art, personal stories from inmates and video presenting a story of redemption, purpose and hope on two sides of the world, Ontario was given a refreshing glimpse into the connection between inmates and the children of Otino Waa. Your help made this possible!

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