Our Mission:

We provide opportunity for inmates to support orphans in unique ways while engaging YOU and applying God’s love to the process.

Our Vision:

Inspiring YOU to expand your perspective to include prisoners and orphans as world changers.


"God in His holy dwelling is a father of the fatherless and a champion of widows. He provides homes for those who are deserted. He leads out the prisoners to prosperity." Psalm 68:5-6

Inmate statement

"You may think you know me, but let me show you who I really am."

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Inmate Aaron Pate's comments about art and Otino Waa orphan sponsorship from Dale Russell on Vimeo.

Why Inmates and Orphans?

Anytime you can find purpose in your actions, watch unusual relationships blossom 9000 miles apart and sense God is delighted, how much better can it get?

From a world view, we have never been qualified to do prison or orphans. God doesn’t seem to care what the world thinks.  He just wants to create purpose between the least of two worlds, invite us in, guide us and shake the heavens with his laughter.  Visualize that for a moment.

Now cruise through our site and see where this purpose can blend with your own.  We cannot do this without YOU! Let us know how we can work together to enhance YOUR purpose in life, allow God to take us to places we never dreamed of and amaze the world!

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